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From Twitter 12-16-2010

  • 11:38:12: @kweenie What is this new thing you're working on? It looks pretty and lacy.
  • 11:57:31: @nerdrage42 PURE Buttons does a great job at buttons, and the prices are pretty good compared to other companies out there.
  • 12:54:36: RT @divegirl808: DON'T MISS OUT on #EpicMickey in Our Epic Giveaway! | @GamingAngels http://t.co/q6jrtR0
  • 13:58:27: @nerdrage42 that's awesome! I wanted to do my own, but never got around to getting all the stuff to do it.
  • 13:58:51: @gamingangel Looks awesome!! Your team did a great job. :)
  • 13:59:01: @kweenie Awesome.
  • 14:39:46: RT @pasadawna: Review - Bejeweled 3 | GamingAngels http://t.co/R1PsLS1
  • 14:47:34: @pdpgaming Oh, I think you've solved a Christmas present conundrum for me. :)
  • 15:01:55: @pdp_candace Indeed. :) It came on the right day too, when I was already trying to solve my last present problem.
  • 15:13:25: @pdp_candace Bah to official ship dates. That's not going to stop me from snagging one. :)
  • 15:13:42: @pdp_candace No problem!!
  • 15:14:38: I'm on a podcast. http://ht.ly/3qqXe Thanks to @ShanghaiSix and the FTG crew. :)
  • 15:42:27: @ajafair Google does bookmarks - and you can do lists (and make them shareable). Might be an option.
  • 17:33:12: Oh Yahoo. It's hard to believe you expected more out of Delicious and are shutting it down. It does one thing and well. :(
  • 17:35:46: Now's the time to export and move my bookmarks to Google. I've been meaning to do it, and now I've got the motivation.
  • 17:45:32: Oh Google - why can't Chrome and your bookmarks tool work together? Do you realize you send people to Firefox in order to import content?

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