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Links & Things

Back to let people know that it's very likely Delicious is being shut down. I found a different link earlier today, mentioned it to bookshop and she found the better TechCrunch link. For heavy fandom users, this is going to be a pretty big issue. I'm more of a casual Delicious user, but I'm still not happy about it.

I'll be exporting/importing my stuff over to Google Bookmarks which allows for most of the same stuff that Delicious did - however, personal profiles are private, and you have to create public lists to share things. But ultimately, for me, it'll serve the same purpose.

Even if you're not a fannish user of Delicious, there's some brainstorming over at bookshop's journal for other services that might be of better use. (Bang for free buck is probably going to be Google or Diigo.)