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...And a Dragon Age Fic Rec

Yesterday was a bad day, and it should feel bad. Tuesday evening I wasn't feeling well and I was working on GA things, and between the two, I didn't get to sleep until like 3:30am. Then, yesterday I woke up with my normal morning alarm and woke up with a horrible migraine. The kind of migraine that makes you wobbly on your feet and nauseous and where you feel like you're cross-eyed. After shutting my phone alarm off, I emailed my boss (on my phone) to tell him I wasn't coming in and that I had plans to go right back to sleep, which I promptly did after my email was sent.

I slept until noon when Matt called me for the second time, and then I trundled downstairs and vegged in front of the television, still with a migraine. My head hurt so bad I couldn't be arsed to find anything worthwhile to watch or do, so I watched the Lifetime movie "Odd Girl Out" with Alexa Vega (of Spy Kids and REPO fame) based on the Odd Girl Out book. It wasn't horrible, thought it was a bit over the top.

I tried playing some Red Dead Redemption (which I'm currently renting from GameFly) but when Matt came home from work I shut it off because it was making me sick to play.

I went to sleep around 1am with the same headache I woke up with. And then today, I woke up with the same headache, only thankfully today, it's a slightly duller (more dull?) version of yesterday's migraine. So, I'm in the office, and wishing I wasn't. I don't know what I'm smelling right now, but it's making it worse right now. (It might be cologne or food or something from one of the guys in my office, it doesn't smell bad, it's just too much for me.)

My brother and his sister arrived in town on Tuesday, and I'd made plans with my mom to drive out last night, but didn't feel like the 45 minute drive last night. I want to try and go out tonight, but we'll see if that works out or not.


For those Dragon Age fans on my flist, I want to leave you with a story rec from the Secret Swooper swap at swooping_is_bad:

Love in the Time of Lyrium by sagacious_rage
Summary: A young woman taught to hate herself and a young man determined to never be tied down to anything find themselves drawn to each other against their own better judgment.

It's Anders/Keili and it's a good, but emotional story. I really appreciate how much knowledge about the Chantry and the characters within it that it took to write this. It spans the Origins game time frame, and through Awakening and thereafter. But, there's not a ton of spoilers for anything.


And if you have a few minutes, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go over to NewGrounds and play a game called One Chance. It's really short and simple, but it's got a pretty powerful story, and it might even make you a little teary-eyed, depending on your ending.


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