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From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 10:20:09: @mimidancer I kept waiting for a Hanukkah song and was surprised they didn't even acknowledge it. #Glee
  • 10:21:21: @scarimonious I love that tank. It's fun times.
  • 11:06:38: Win TODAY'S Mystery Prize! Retweet this message and follow @dealsplus to win! 12 Days of Giveaways! http://bit.ly/fPqO95
  • 11:09:40: @scarimonious Even better that it's a Roomba that blows shit up. :)
  • 11:59:54: Wow, so Goodreads has now been blocked at work for two reasons: Professional Networking, Possibly Malicious. *sigh*
  • 12:00:21: But Google Docs is allowed again? Now I'm torn.
  • 12:01:46: @jamiegrey83 The longer you can hold out, the better you'll feel. I haven't played in 3 years, which leaves me more time for other games
  • 12:21:50: December Lights Project - Short stories to light up the winter season... #decemberlights http://t.co/2wgPZ1I
  • 12:23:42: @kikikat Apparently. I work for an old school company that doesn't know how to set up an internet filter (obvs). It's always changing.
  • 13:47:45: @gfbrobot My TBR comics pile has stuff from last Nov/Dec. *ashamed* I'm a bad fan.
  • 14:29:34: Not sure how I feel about the fact that someone called me an Alpha Female personified or that they're probably not wrong. It's a compliment?
  • 14:43:34: @effulgent_inara Not when the Alpha Male/Female is usually reference to an animal pack hierarchy.
  • 17:20:20: I'm so tired of looking at spreadsheets. No more.

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