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Radvent 2010 - Day Six

Day Six: Adventure

radvent dec. 6 2010: adventuring

I've been on a ton of adventures this year. For the first time ever, I went to Boston and met up with friends. I attended PAX East and recorded a podcast with friends.

Sometime early in the year, we were in St. Louis to visit family, and I got to visit the St. Louis Zoo one afternoon.

In August I went to GenCon with my husband and some of our friends. We'd been before, but I went into it with a much different attitude this year, and had a more relaxed time than I have in the past. While in Indianapolis I went with my friends to the Indy Zoo, which was a great time.

In September, Matt and I went to PAX Prime in Seattle. Met up with some more great friends, played some fun games, and stood in long lines. One night, we just chilled on a rooftop and watched commuter jets fly in with friends. Good times.

For Matt's birthday, we spent our Halloween afternoon at the Topeka, KS zoo - which we'd never been to.

If you haven't been able to tell - I <3 Zoos. I'd only ever been to one major Zoo (and one park/zoo) before this year. I turn into a five year old when I'm at the zoo - I get a little ADD (I want to see everything) and I talk to the animals (yes, I know they can't hear/understand me). So, in that sense I've been on some good adventures. I also got to meet some great friends this year.

Topeka Zoo