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Radvent 2010 - Day Two

Day Two: Organizing

Dec. 2 2010 Radvent: Organizing!

So, today is supposed to be about Organizing. Finding things in our lives or homes that need organization and just finding a small amount of time to organize them.

Focus on one drawer, table, or surface today and spend 15 minutes making it pretty! (And take a pretty picture afterward to motivate yourself!)

Unfortunately, I'm at work today - and my desk is always clear at work (I hate a messy work desk) and I have a class to teach tonight, so my time to organize at home is limited. Plus, I did just go through this past weekend and organize the biggest pile of things needing to be organized - my giant list of games needing a home of some sort.

Second on my list of things to organize is the rest of the paperwork for Foster Care. So in an interest to do something organizational, I'm putting together this list of what we still need to get together, and how it needs to get done.

- Paper with Dimension for the Bedroom, and the window in the bedroom
- Copies of Matt's Drivers License and Insurance, Copy of my Drivers License and Insurance
- Pet Vaccination Records for Sekhi & Sebastian (the Cats), Piper & Jazz (the Dogs)
- Emergency Contact List still needs a hospital phone number (I think?)
- 3 Paystubs to prove Matt's employment
- Should double check that we turned in Matt's health & TB test results
- Written Discipline Policy (I think we turned one of these in, but will need to double check)
- Marriage License (it's around somewhere...)

Then there's the classes that still remain:
- CPR & First Aid training (someplace that will give us a physical paper certificate when we finish training)
- 2 classes through the website - Matt's done one of these, I haven't done either. Should only take an hour or so over the weekend

Then, I need to try and get an actual appointment set up with the newest (4th) worker so we can have a due date for all this paperwork and training (probably won't get the CPR/FA training in time) done before we meet.


That's a good starting point. I'll try and keep coming back here to check things off as I get them done/turned in.

Starting with: Email old&new workers to verify the couple of things I'm not sure if we still need to turn in or not; and set up new appointment time.

Also posted over at The Foster Years.

I do plan on trying to do SOMETHING when I get home that actually involves picking up. Mostly I'm guessing it's going to involve cleaning up my working space downstairs so I can start finishing up all the Christmas presents I'm making.