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"If There Only Were Doors..."

Work today has been a pretty giant pain in the ass. And then just a little while ago, while answering emails that had piled up I felt my whole body just go - fuck it, I'm done. I'm pretty sure that's about the same time I started running a low level fever. So, awesome.

I did see the doctor earlier this week, at which time he told me that it's most likely that I have a sinus infection, but that where the blockage is, it's too far back for him to see. So, he wrote me a heavy duty prescription for antibiotics, which I got filled yesterday. I'm pretty sure that's while I'm feeling like crap right now (aside from work being stupid).

In good news, I picked up Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on Tuesday and have already gotten a few hours in. It picks up right were AC 2 ended, but there's several changes. I'm really liking it right now, but considering my recent Fable III burn, I'm reserving some of the squeeing until I'm further in. (Who am I kidding, it's pretty much like AC 2 pt.2 and that's freaking awesome.)

I have a free weekend for the first time in a while this weekend (no classes, no nothing). I'm planning on writing, playing AC2 and hopefully finishing up some foster care paperwork for good. I haven't talked about it in a while because Matt and I have been horrible slackers when it comes to getting everything together. The lack of interaction from them has been part of it, it's hard to feel like moving forward when we're not getting any word or encouragement from them. And wouldn't you know it -- we're about to get a new (our FOURTH) case worker. So, that's awesome.