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I'm so excited that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is out tomorrow. After the disappointment of Fable III's surprise ending (is a surprise), I'm looking forward to a game that hopefully will blow my socks off. Oh, Ezio. I've been playing the AC game on Facebook (done by Ubisoft and a FB game company -- not Zynga) and had fun with the last chapter of the story which involved Lucretia Borgia. So I'm really hoping that she's part of the Brotherhood story. *fingers crossed*

I'm super behind on my non-fiction NaNo experiment. I'm trying not to stress about it and just work on it as I have time. I had planned to use the Thanksgiving weekend to work on it, and then stupidly added classes both Saturday and Sunday (that are selling) so that's probably not going to happen. I'll still have Friday off (and I don't plan on shopping) so that's something. Part of it has been this cold/sinus infection thing I have. I cannot concentrate for long when my whole face hurts. Though right now, I'd trade the whole face/sinus pain in order to get rid of this migraine building behind my right eyeball. Seriously my whole eyeball is sore I think (hard to tell because of the sinus pressure). Not cool.

I am planning on signing up for yuletide this year, once the A03 page actually lets me sign-up. I tried last night and got errors because there's so many people using the site. I had a hard time figuring out what to request this year, ended up keeping three out four of the same requests I made last year. Though, I really wanted to request fic from Enslaved, but the others won out. My letter is over at my dreamwidth site here.

For now I'm off in search of pain meds to stop this headache before it starts any real trouble.