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A bit of geekery

Posted the story by pikasafire back in my "Way to Ruin" fanmix entry if people are interested. I'm still totally digging on that mix I made, it's been in heavy rotation since I finished it.

Since my new phone has tons of space - I moved all of the fanmixes I made this year on to it, so that I can listen to them wherever I go.

shot_1289343752353Speaking of my new phone though, I've been testing out all of it's bits and bobs and I'm pretty pleased with it for several nerdy reasons. One, since it's an Android phone it ties neatly into my exiting Google account. Two, since I have a Google Voice number, not only can I use that to call people instead of my Sprint number (I'd like to see AT&T do that) but the phone is also smart enough to use my Google Voicemail as the default instead of the phone's. Three, it's also smart enough to merge my contacts with their appropriate Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts, and if it's not sure about something, I can go through and link them manually. Most Android phones do this, regardless the network, but I think it's a pretty cool feature. It also means, that when I look up a contact I can find their most recent whatevers from those sites. It also pull pictures, so I don't have to store pictures for my friends (unless I want to).

That's just to name a few. But I'm super pleased with it. The camera function is so much cooler than my iPhone's -- I'm still trying to figure out what all the settings do. So I've been taking pictures in the backyard and tweaking settings to figure out what differences they make. (Hence the photo.)

Also today, Matt pointed me to these videos on i09. Scenes of Doctor Who we didn't get to see that are on the DVD. I love them. Here's the first one. And you can see the article here if you want to watch the other, plus a few makings of videos. (He's Space Gandalf.)

On a similar but completely different note, I have beaten the story in Fable III. And I'm not a happy camper. More to follow as I try to figure out how this went from a game I loved to a game that I am severely disappointed with and need to write a review for.



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Nov. 11th, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
That's a nice picture -- hard to believe it's taken with a camera phone! 0.0

Also, thanks for the Doctor Who video -- I found it funny and rather poignant, too. What is the universe, after all, if you know how it all works, begins, and ends? Gotta keep it fresh with a partner, or several score XD
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