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From Twitter 11-05-2010

  • 09:14:40: @kweenie Matt and I LOVE In Treatment.
  • 09:16:26: @effulgent_inara Yeah, if you're still planning on coming to the Expo center, feed yourselves and we'll meet you there. :)
  • 09:42:07: RT @God_Damn_Batman: Robin started saying "POW", "BAMF", "ZANG" every time he punches a guy. At this point I might just GIVE Joker the c ...
  • 09:56:05: @kweenie I think that the way the show is filmed really help the experience too - little stuff like that makes me insanely happy
  • 10:31:46: More holiday guides! RT @gamingangels: New @GamingAngels Casual Games Holiday Guide - http://ht.ly/19OUxY
  • 14:19:25: Thanks so much! RT @Weezul: congrats to @GamingAngels for being this week's Community Callout in the @15MinutesOfGame podcast. Check 'em out
  • 14:28:53: #Win @TheSims3: RT this for a chance to be gifted an item from your WishList. We will DM random recipients so make sure you're Following us!
  • 14:40:41: @gamingangel @geekwoman The room we put our Kinect in isn't well lit at all, and I didn't have any trouble with recognition.
  • 15:56:27: New phone acheivement unlocked: The HTC EVO 4G. Number is ported and ready to go. :) Super happy.
  • 16:12:48: @digital_idiot As long as I keep the 4g turned off if I don't need it, it's not bad at all. My iPhone was worse at this point.
  • 22:44:08: @sara_the_geek I've been trying out Scrivener for the first time this year, with the Windows beta, and I'm loving it.
  • 22:47:15: @effulgent_inara sorry you couldn't make it.
  • 23:22:12: @effulgent_inara I've got classes tomorrow and Sunday, but I'll be there in the evenings most likely.

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