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Just like the icon says

Track in the Box is a daily free song download sent to your inbox. Awesome. Worth checking out if you're a fan of different musical genres.

I brought home KINECT for my Xbox 360 last night. I played Kinect Adventures and Dance Central for a little bit and really enjoyed it. Though Dance Central might have a bit of a learning curve. Of course it doesn't do all the cool stuff it could - yet. And it doesn't interact with recently released games - yet. But overall, I like the experience far more than I did that of the PlayStation Move.

However, I'm totally paying for it today. Whole body interaction means a sore Elizabeth.

For other new technology news, Matt and I drove over to the Sprint store today to FINALLY grab me a new phone: the HTC EVO 4G. I'm super excited to use it once they get my number ported over. My iPhone is getting really old -- the battery is kind of dying and I'm super excited to have something new. As much as I liked the idea of the iPhone 4, the fact that the EVO 4G not only is cheaper in terms of monthly rates, but I get more for the price - like the hotspot ability. Now, anyone who hangs out with me and needs internet can get it from my phone. That's pretty awesome.

This weekend is the KC Game Fair - so I'll be out and about there playing some games. Tonight I think Matt's going to run a Pathfinder mod for us. I'm teaching a knitting class at Urban Arts on Sunday (2 at a time Toe-up socks) and after that I'll probably head back to the Gamer Fair. The KC Game Fair is FREE to everyone this year, which is pretty fantastic, so I can come and go as needed. I might just take my laptop and get some NaNo noveling done while I'm there. So, if you're in KC and want to get your game on -- come down and hang out this weekend and the KCI Expo Center (for FREE)!