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From Twitter 11-04-2010

  • 12:54:05: RT @stealthyslyth: Great article by @xalaga about whether or not to get the Kinect on @GamingAngels http://bit.ly/cHJRtr
  • 13:04:23: Picked up my Kinect over lunch. Now only 3.5 hours of work and 2 hours of teaching (plus drive times) before I can play with it.
  • 14:12:31: @keripwny Ah shuddup, you're just jealous. ;)
  • 14:18:49: @to_paraphrase Well, you could always drive over! ;) I'm only like 7-8 short hours away!
  • 14:27:55: @ljriot Hey, it's just you know 9 hours or so for you to drive south to come play with us!
  • 14:51:47: RT @scarimonious: http://gaw.kr/a6cfEX - Gawker gets hold of the Cook's Source plagiarism story.
  • 16:13:29: @to_paraphrase Dude, if I thought I could get you here for a few weeks (or to stay) I totally would. :)

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