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To tired to play

So last week when all the craziness at work hit, I dropped out of the Alice in Wonderland Big Bang. I feel better for it, especially since I still seem to think I want to try and do NaNoWriMo and write an Inception Big Bang fic. Plus, I already wrote one big AIW fic this year, I didn't know if I had a second one in me or not, no matter how I wanted to try. So, now I'm going to try and write as much of my first Inception fic as a can (hello, no pressure or anything) before November 1st. Then, if I'm lucky, I can just forget about it until December 1st when I'll have like two days to finish the rough draft. Haha.

Speaking of fictions, I put my fbandom story for originalbigbang up at AO3: here with epub, for people that might want to read it that way. I figure it be good for me to read my own story this way -- see what it's like.


Okay, so over the weekend, I took out some money and Matt drove me to GameStop so I could pick up the Playstation Move for myself. I got the Sports Champions version because the EyePet creepy Monkey/dog thing didn't seem like it would hold my attention. I played with it for like an hour and a half or Sunday night, mostly doing the archery challenges. By last night, my right shoulder and elbow were SUPER sore, and they're just as sore today. It's hard work man. I played the Bocce, Archery and Gladiator Duel games, and they were mostly fun. I'm excited to get the Kinect (which I preordered) next week so I can compare the two. Right now, the Move doesn't have a lot of games out for it, but next Spring there's several interesting ones coming out. I'm not a huge fan of motion control stuff in general (weird considering I'm buying both of these) but I like to see what they can do. And there's definitely something to be said about the workout it gave my arm. I tried to do some more last night, but had to give up after like 10 minutes, it's just too sore.