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Yesterday when I was at the courthouse, I managed to scrape up my right palm. It's not horrible looking, but it's super annoying, especially since I can't really keep anything on it. It's mostly small little scrapes, but their just in that place on my palm that means I'm always hitting them on something.


My supervisor's boss - I hesitate to call him my manager because there's like 5 people in that chain-of-command, is in the office today. He's in town all week. Normally, I get to avoid him when he comes to town. He seems to always be here on weeks when I'm on vacation, or out of the office for whatever reason. But, had a small run in with him today. He's nice enough but it's always awkward. We see him so rarely that when we do, it's just an exchange awkward mandatory office pleasantries and then he scampers off as quickly as he can. It's obvious he doesn't actually want to have to spend time with us.

Speaking of work, the pictures I took at our adventure event a few weeks ago seem to be a big hit. Although, it would be great if people didn't gather right outside my door to chat and laugh over them. The sound in this office echoes like crazy, and since I can't get my office mates to shut the door completely, and I'm the closest to the door - it's super loud in my cube. Even when people are out there, but are whispering, or at least trying to be someone quiet - I can usually hear them.


I have an appointment at my Rheumatologist's office tomorrow. I just saw her last week and had blood work done, but apparently my blood shows signs of inflammation caused by fatigue. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but she has a new drug she wants to put me on, that's normally used to treat patients that have Lupus or RA. I'm not sure how it's going to help - but at this point, if there's something I can take to beat this fatigue - I want to try it. It's gotten so bad that it's a regular part of every day where I'm nearly falling asleep at my keyboard by 1pm. And if I'm not really focused on something, I do nod off for a few seconds before catching myself. That is not something I can keep up, especially not when anyone can walk by at any moment.

I've also been having some really random and painful muscle spasms lately, which hopefully this will help with. It started with that super painful Charley Horse a few weeks ago, the night after that work event. Now, it's at least once a day, but not always in my leg. Yesterday, I was driving home from the courthouse and at a red light, I leaned down to pick something up that had fallen on the floor -- and one of my stomach muscles spasmed. It was super bizarre and thankfully only lasted a minute or so. Thank goodness I was at a red light and not actually driving.


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Oct. 13th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I didn't know blood could be inflamed but I guess it makes sense when you think about it. I just hope they can get you on something that will make a difference.
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