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From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 00:59:12: Done with my web design baby of the past week - the new and totally hip @troupeduende website www.troupeduende.com - the ladies approve!
  • 01:00:00: Now, to go to bed early (for me) so I can get up early for Jury Duty. Boo. :(
  • 09:48:43: During jury selection interviews should I tell the attorneys um reading 1984 during every break? (I really am.)
  • 12:14:44: @stealthyslyth Their new 7th Symphony album is pretty great!
  • 12:23:42: Success! No jury duty for me -- the case I could've been called for got cancelled, and the time I was there counts as time served.
  • 12:26:18: #ebz the Starveling Cat! the Starveling Cat! want to lose a hand? give the beast a pat! http://fallenlondon.com/c/332137
  • 16:38:08: Aqua Panic from Eko Software is Coming to the PS3 | GamingAngels http://t.co/o00Puqr

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