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*This Close* to being finished

The story I'm currently working on is super close to being finished, I just haven't made the time and forced myself to finish it. With two more stories due in the next two months - and NaNoWriMo lurking just around the corner - I really need to step up how often I spend cracking down on my writing. Especially when you start to factor in the articles and editing I also have to work on for GA. It's a lot of words.


I was summoned to my first ever Jury Duty today. I showed up, filled out a questionnaire (simple stuff: age, address, employer) got called for selection with 40 or so other people, waited around for an hour or so, got called to the court room and promptly dismissed. We were supposed to go through selection for a criminal case, but apparently, while reviewing the juror information, the guy (supposed criminal) pleaded no contest. So, I'm done and since I got as far as I did, I don't even have to report for the rest of the week. So, that wasn't too painful an experience. And, since I had my Nook with me, I was able to keep myself pretty well occupied the whole time.


New music for you Industrial/Electronica music fans: Mortiis' new album, Perfectly Defect for FREE. You can listen to the whole thing on their page, so try it before you "buy" it. :)


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Oct. 12th, 2010 07:04 pm (UTC)
I've been on 2 juries, and been called for duty about 5 times in total. They usually tell you that most of the time you will get to go home. Once the person on trial sees that there is a jury there waiting to hear the story (usually when they pass through the hall between rooms), they often plead out.

Mass as a one day, one trial system. We go on one day, if we get called, we server one trial; if not, we get to go home.
Oct. 12th, 2010 08:32 pm (UTC)
Today, they had enough trials happening (three of them criminal) that they told us pretty much everyone that showed up was probably going to get called in somewhere.

The guy plead "No Contest" so, no jury was needed for the one I was waiting for. So, maybe it was the jury (the huge mass of potential jurors for all the cases) that got him to change his mind. :)
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