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Bellydancers Ball 2010

Bellydancers Ball 2010
Originally uploaded by Cherith
A picture to prove that Bellydancing is not always Serious Business. This is Silvia Salamanca, bellydance extraordinaire (Side Note: Google's spell check doesn't recognize the word extraordinaire.) She's absolutely lovely both on an off stage, and I hope she keeps coming back to KC.

There's a rumor that she's returning to the event in Topeka in the spring (the same event that stole money from me when Ariellah got cancelled). If that's the case, chances are likely she won't be back to KC in the fall, even though it'd be great to have her.

Anyhow -- There's a ton of pictures from Bellydancers Ball up on Flickr if you have interest in perusing them.  


Matt and I stopped last night on our way home from work, and I snagged up one of the last copies of the new 10 Years album (there were two copies left at Target and neither copy was in either of it's proper places). I also grabbed the new Disturbed album. (Hey, I pay for music too sometimes!)

I've been listening to Disturbed all morning, and I'm loving it. They have done several covers now, and I think I love each one more than the last. "Leave It Alone" from this album is no different. It's a cover of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2, which is one of the rare U2 songs I can actually stand. But Disturbed makes it better.

It's weird though, because this cover is actually done as a Bonus track - complete with silence at the beginning of the song - and it's the last song on the album. Plus, they changed the name of the song, even though it's the same song lyrically.


Why has no one ever told me about http://www.coversproject.com/ before? It's a whole site about all the covers people have done, or had done of their music. *heaven*


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Sep. 24th, 2010 10:24 pm (UTC)
Holy crap at the coversproject website. Just what I needed to further waste my time! :D
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