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A Few Random Things

So today is weird.  I'm dropping a few links to things here, and then I'll put up another post later.  

Kanye has songs up for free.  Say what you will about him, but he does good music.  There's five songs up for download, here.  
If you haven't seen it, there's also Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' 5 song sampler download for The Social Network.  You can grab that here.
I also recently grabbed the new Apocalyptica and Linkin Park, both of which I'm enjoying.  I still need to get my hands on the new Disturbed and new 10 Years.  Which I think I'll grab at Target this afternoon.  New Music FTW!
And thanks to shadowfell  who is grabbing Freaker's Ball tickets for us.  (10 Years and Five Finger Death Punch!)

If you're into writing and want some good prompts and a little motivation, check out the new origfic_bingo community and sign up for a card. It starts October 1st and goes for a year, and totally worth checking out.  
The John Scalzi/Wil Wheaton UnicornPegasasKitten project is out - It's called "Clash of the Geeks" and it's got some good writers listed.  It's free, but donations go towards a good cause.  (This is one of those things that makes me happy I now have a Nook!)

For the gamers, I've got a BETA code for Vindictus - a celtic type MMO from Nexon.  I got to play it at PAX, and it looks pretty interesting.  I'm going to dive into tonight I think.  If you want the other code I have, let me know and I'll send it your way.


Sep. 22nd, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
Oooh. Sounds interesting if you still have the key. :) I'm a sucker for anything celtic.