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Bellydancers Ball Weekend; Money Made

So, this past weekend was the 2nd annual Bellydancers Ball with Troupe Duende.  I didn't take classes, I didn't perform, but I was the emcee again for the show.  Then, I also set up a table and sold some handwarmers and jewelry for the weekend during classes.  I managed to make a little bit of money.  It wasn't a ton of money, but it was more than the cost of vending, and a little extra that I'm going to put aside for some new stuff I want to get.  So it was worth it, I suppose.  Plus, I have some more ideas for how best to vend at future events, some things that might make items more saleable -- and obviously, I need to make more handwarmers, because those sold best.

The problem with the weekend was that I really didn't get much sleep -- about three and a half hours each night I think.  Last night I went to bed around 9pm, slept about 5 hours and then felt like crap and was awake for about three hours before I got back to sleep.  I then slept for another 9 hours.  I got up around 3pm this afternoon and still didn't feel great.  Still tired -- I'm guessing because of the insane amount of sleep I got.  

I still went and danced tonight for both classes and I think I felt better after.  Though, of course I'm not really tired.  So waking up for work tomorrow should be pretty interesting.