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I'll be your host for the evening.


I've had a host of other things I wanted to talk about but I can't really remember any of them right now.  I guess they weren't that important.  I mean, aside from Big Bang writing and fanmixing, and work there's not a lot going on.


I will be the emcee for the Second Annual Bellydancer's Ball show this weekend! The show is at 8pm in the Uptown Theater's Conspiracy Room, just like Warrior Weekend back in April.  In what has come as a surprising twist to several people that know me, I'm not actually performing in this show at all.  No group numbers, no duets, no nothing.  Just me and the microphone all night.  

I don't think it's worth the energy to go into it all right now, but I'm in a weird headspace where dancing is concerned right now, especially when it comes to dancing with other people.  So.  I'm actually not taking any of the workshops, nor am I performing.  I am however setting up a table during the workshop hours to vend some of my knit stuff and some jewelry made by both me and effulgent_inara .  I don't expect to sell a bunch, but it's a way for me to be involved for relatively little money and be around so I can meet the dancers - which I like to do so I don't butcher their names or the names of their songs - before the show.  *shrugs*

So, if you're in/near Kansas City this weekend, and need something to do, come see the show.  Famous dancers (Samantha Riggs and Silvia Salamanca)!  and the awkward comedy stylings of yours truly (sorta).  Should be good clean fun.


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Sep. 18th, 2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Best of luck this weekend! I hope you at least have a good time. :)
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