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From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 02:29:15: #ebz The most delightful secret of Fallen London: a substance which physically transports you to a dre... http://fallenlondon.com/c/266146
  • 09:53:25: Yes it so much easier to waste my time on extra reports than to actually make the change to make the data accurate. Makes total sense. :(
  • 10:28:24: @robinyang The Call of Cthulhu Card Game. Digitally - Pox Nora (don't know if that's still even around.)
  • 10:33:02: @tromboneforhire Minutes to Midnight was such a sleepy sort of album, good to hear that A Thousand Suns might be an improvement.
  • 11:22:41: @I_AM_maxHELL I <3 @murderbydeath immensely.
  • 13:05:49: RT @knitmeapony: Why some fat people are healthy - Boing Boing http://t.co/WPMIOlU via @boingboing
  • 14:04:53: RT @WinFamBusiness The Winchester Family Business | Ghostfacers Video Contest: Win A One Of A Kind.. http://bit.ly/bQhe24
  • 14:35:08: @ljRIOT That just makes me want to text you random things: polka dots, cream cheese, bunnies. :)
  • 15:36:39: Oh, they can be taught! A manager just figured out he was asking for a completely superfluous report before even finishing his request.
  • 15:39:13: @stealthyslyth @kweenie Two stories enter...only one leaves!
  • 15:41:56: @kweenie Haha! Aww, lookit you trying out MMO and RTS games. We're so proud. :)
  • 16:00:42: @kweenie Yes, but that you even tried SC II at all was the point. :)
  • 16:02:52: @kweenie I've been there, really. WoW is an unapologetic time-suck. I'm glad I got out.
  • 16:09:06: @kweenie Obviously willing to help however I can. :) Even if it means putting on my mean face. Grrr.
  • 16:16:17: @kweenie Well, only if I have to. :D
  • 17:49:29: @CandiceHatesYou Yeah, that'd be great!! Thank you.

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