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From Twitter 09-01-2010

  • 09:57:06: @GeekyClean Check out http://www.standoutstickers.com/
  • 09:57:50: @stealthyslyth I didn't have the doll, but the Felicity books were my favorite! They're getting ready to open a big store here in KC too.
  • 09:58:30: @AbKi Woohoo!!
  • 10:23:19: RT @blastr: Walking Dead already gets a season 2. Here are the gory details: http://bit.ly/afeMrr
  • 10:23:58: RT @AetherBorn: Aetherborn is a new band you need to know. Want their debut EP free? Read on... http://bit.ly/aVEOhu
  • 10:29:35: RT @dragonage: Watch the new Witch Hunt video for the next Dragon Age: Origins DLC. Morrigan's Fate revealed on Gametrailers.com http:// ...
  • 10:33:23: RT @GamingAngels: New @GamingAngels: Review: Puzzle Bots (PC) http://bit.ly/b8mNmS
  • 10:41:54: Topless Robot - Yoga for the Discerning, Shameless Nerd http://bit.ly/9VmlFz
  • 11:51:49: I'm convinced someone announced I was about to leave on vacation because everyone wants something from me right now.
  • 11:59:34: @geeky_chic What I love is the person that said they needed a report for Monday. I'm like - no. Plus it's a holiday... *sigh*
  • 12:06:14: @geeky_chic Reports are my world. :) I work in a finance real estate group - so it's all about building data. Real exciting.
  • 12:11:25: @geeky_chic Somedays I worry about that myself. But Excel and I are good friends most days.
  • 12:40:24: @geeky_chic I'm headed to Seattle for PAX at hella early tomorrow morning. :)
  • 20:38:39: Getting ready to call it a night so I can finish packing and preparing for PAX! I have a stupidly early flight in the morning.

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