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NEVER WAKE UP - Full of Links

Inception Fans: This is another great analytical article about Inception - and in part, it's about all the ways that Inception is a large metaphor for movies. Definitely worth the read, even if you don't agree with their theory of the story. NEVER WAKE UP: THE MEANING AND SECRET OF INCEPTION

For you writers, there's a great post over about Authorial Intent by kateelliot that is well worth the read.

If you're a nerdy psychology fan like me, you might be interested in this article about about human socialization from the perspective of a woman with Autism. On her blog, she has a good introductory post today for people coming over from the article that highlights what it means to have autism, and what people should know about it.

Something about that reminded me of the episode of The Human Spark on PBS that martiniphilosph and I watched a week or two ago. It's about how mimicking a person's body movements/motions can make a person feel better about the person that's mimicking them AND the most interesting thing - it can change how a person behaves.

If you've never watched or heard The Ricky Gervais show/podcast, you might not know who Karl Pilkington is. But without him, there wouldn't be the show that there is. This is more of a reminder for me - but I'm totally interested in watching Karl's journal around the world. (Chimpanzee that, MONKEY NEWS!)