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From Twitter 08-21-2010

  • 00:52:33: @gamingangel Well, we've talked about it since we were dating. Of course, we're going to hit 5 years this year, and still no kids.
  • 02:05:53: #ebz These two gangs of futureless urchins have been waging their ritual war over the territory betwee... http://fallenlondon.com/c/216776
  • 04:05:57: Are you going to play Little Big Planet with the Angels tonight? Coming hang out with us for a bit - 8pm PST http://ht.ly/2sLLT
  • 05:00:01: Ouch. *whines* I do not feel good, but I've used the wee hours productively, so I think I might be able to go to sleep now. :(
  • 20:36:32: HEY @GamingAngels! Community Game Night is tonight! 8pm Pacific Time. PS3 Little Big Planet! Look for us online! Prizes involved :)
  • 21:21:00: @kweenie Oh, that's a good reminder. Guess I should get on that before time rolls around.
  • 21:52:52: @kweenie Mine's only half done - though I probably turn on my PS3 far less often, meaning more updates when I do. I'll be there ASAP.
  • 22:16:28: @kweenie @gamingangel Me three. Updates are SLOW. :(
  • 22:45:07: @kweenie I am halfway through update 7 of 8. *sigh*
  • 22:49:14: @kweenie 13, just for LBP? And I thought 8 was too many.

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