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Finished! A few links and a video

I finished my scifibigbang story. It came in around 27k words, which was more than I thought it would be and a little less that I could've done if I'd expounded in a few places. The remaining portion is off to the beta and the whole rough draft has been sent to my artist. This gives me a few whole days in which I can think about my two remaining stories for August. AND it's given my brain enough time to think about my inceptionbang idea, which I haven't even signed up for. But last night as I was falling asleep, I was thinking about how I could make Alice in Wonderland work for a part of my story.

So my Inception story idea is Mal-centric, about all the ways she has killed people. I think it'll be like 4 or 5 different short stories so I can use several different dream-spaces. One of which my brain thinks needs to be Wonderland.

So, I fell asleep thinking about which characters would be which:
Ariadne - Alice (for the story I have planned)
Eames - Cheshire Cat
Arthur - The White Rabbit
Cobb - The Mad Hatter
Mal - The Queen of Hearts
Yusef - The Caterpillar

What I couldn't figure out was where Saito or Fischer would fit in, but then again, they don't have to either. *shrug*


Okay, so a few links and a video today.

Zombie Ants - ants controlled by fungus from ontd_science

Justin Bieber x800% from wtfbrain by way of this NPR article. I tried listening at work, but if I'd sat through all 35 minutes I would've fallen asleep. But, as far as slow ambient stuff goes, it's good.

A little pimping for GA: Geek feminism and relational aggression: Are we the real "Mean Girls. A few of us at GA have been talking for a week or more about this idea of Geek Feminism and how girls tend to be mean girls when it comes to other girl geeks. @violetzombie has put up the first article (we hope to have several more). I think she did a great job, and it hits close to home for a lot of us.

I love Keith, even when he's over-the-top. But, honest to goodness, the end of this video had me in tears.


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Aug. 19th, 2010 05:34 pm (UTC)
That's a good article. I think gamers in all their variety, and geeks in general, are snobbish about their particular areas. I know I've definitely gotten snobbish myself about women that I perceive as people who game because their SO games, and I really should examine that behavior. Try to make sure they have fun, and they will become "real" gamers in their own right, there because they want to be.

And I blatantly admit that I'm hostile towards many non-geek women. I'm not a "girly girl" and sometimes I get nasty towards those who are. How much of that is common to female geeks? I only know how I am, and I'm really not particularly apologetic about that.
Aug. 19th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
It's common amongst women, period. We're actually going to explore that idea in an upcoming article.

I highly recommend reading Odd Girl Out - it's got a lot of really great research about how girls are raised to be that way - to sort of be aggressive to other girls, even if they're like us, and even if they're our friends. It's pretty eye-opening.
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