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Overdue update deserves a dramatic photo

Here's one of the like 200+ photos Matt took during the Fringe Festival performances two weeks ago. It was a pretty wild week - 4 nights of performances (Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday) and I was proud and happy to be in all 4 shows. Friday night, I was one of two non-troupe guests, which was cool.

This photos is so dramatic - as are all the pictures from this performance. You'll just have to believe me when I tell you that it's totally fine that we're all doing different things. It's part of a slow improv performance done to "Beautiful People" by Rusted Root (an amazing song). As we were leaving Saturday night, I actually had a random Fringe stranger stop to tell me what a beautiful number it was. Having never done slow improv like this in front of a group before, that was pretty cool praise.

The other 200 plus pictures are up on Flickr, so feel free to browse through, I'm not in all of them, and they're pretty fun.  Sometime this week I've got to select some of them to go over on Facebook...

So, the Fringe shows were two weeks ago, and then I spent all of last week either getting ready for, or being at Gen Con in Indianapolis. It was a pretty interesting weekend overall. I think I learn something new about myself at Gen Con every year. This year was no different.

duendegrrl and I participated in Thursday night's(?) "Whose Line is it Anyway" show, which was equal parts fun and lame. It's a group experience so there were 7 teams of four that were sharing all of the games/improv so it was not well-organized. I wasn't super excited about performing - especially when I saw that it was being recorded - but I think by the end of it, I enjoyed myself.

I also actually got invited to be ON a panel Thursday morning. I took some GA tshirts to the Women in Gaming panel Thursday morning for the moderator to giveaway. We were chatting before the panel started, and she invited me to actually sit in on it with them. Maybe she regrets that now (I don't know) but as is usual with me, I tended to be a loud mouth during the panel (hopefully in a good way though). I think it was a pretty good experience though - lots of people said at the end that they really enjoyed it, and it challenged some of their perceptions about both themselves and about their gaming lives. So, that's a good thing. Also - I was the first one to drop a curse word during the panel (I said I was a loud mouth), but I think it actually helped people - both we on the panel and the audience - relax and enjoy the hour and a half discussion.


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Aug. 10th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
I miss Gen Con so much. Some day I'll go again. Sounds like you had a really exciting time and I'm very glad for it.
Aug. 10th, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
Gen Con is just one of those great experiences. We had a great time. I hope you get to go one year when we're there. :)
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