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St. Louis Zoo Excursion

Originally uploaded by Cherith
Matt and I hit up the St. Louis Zoo this weekend, before we had to spend time with his family. It was a whole event. Though we weren't prepared for three hours of walking around in 80+ degree heat at the zoo, we did it anyway. And it was fun. I'd never been to the St. Louis Zoo before, and was extremely and pleasantly surprised by it. We also hit it on such a nice day, and early enough in the day that all the animals were out (if sleeping) and so we got to see most of them.

This Lion was one of the first big things we saw, and I loved him. He was wide awake, and it was obvious he was tracking the scent of some of the kids as they were getting close to the enclosure. He sat up as we got closer, and you could see his nose and eyes looking for something specific. After a few minutes whatever it was passed and he laid down. But for those minutes, he looked like he was about the charge the concrete barrier. Which was both cool and scary. :)

There's more pictures on Flickr, though they're all basic iPhone pictures. Like I said, it wasn't planned, so we weren't prepared for a Zoo adventure.