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"I Wondered if I Had Enough Class"

I smell good. Only because I'm a messy eater and managed to spill both dressing and soy sauce on me a lunch today. I was invited out to have sushi with a previous manager and a lady that works for him today. We didn't get along well when I worked for him several years ago now, but he's a decent guy, and it was a nice lunch. He even picked up the check for us when we were finished. But now, I'm back in the office, and every now and then I can still smell it. I know, it's weird. Unfortunately, I don't have a Tide stick in my purse anymore, so I can't clean it - which I'd really prefer to do.

I've mentioned before that I've been having a hard time sleeping lately. Something about it being Summer I think. I don't typically go through depressive cycles, but in the Summer, I do tend to hit an extreme manic cycle, where I don't want to sleep at all. It's worse right now because I haven't been feeling good, which makes me want to sleep less even though I need it. The biggest problem is that even though I can't sleep and don't want to, I'm still hella tired during the day. Yesterday was awful, and probably the worst day I had so far, in that I was literally falling asleep at my desk. It was just tiny micro-sleeps, but still, not good.

In fact, upon coming home from work, and changing out of my work clothes, I pretty much laid down on the bed and crashed for three hours. I don't normally nap, but I really just couldn't even hold my head up anymore, and I was OUT. It felt good, and when I woke up around 8pm, I felt much better. Unfortunately, being that tired and napping meant that when bedtime rolled around, I wasn't ready. And still ended up staying up until about 2am - which has been pretty standard for me lately.

Staying up so late means I've spent a lot of time knitting, working on GA, and watching random things on Netflix. Lately, it's been Weeds (the Showtime show with Mary Louise Parker) which I'm loving. I'm up to Season 3, and I think up to 5 is on Netflix, so I've got a bit to keep me occupied. While watching Wizards of Waverly Place, I finished my first pair of toe-up 2 at a time socks (which are awesome) and now, while watching Weeds, I'm working on a second pair, these for Matthew.

I've never been a big fan of sock knitting, but this toe-up, two at a time process is pretty sweet, and I imagine I'll be making plenty more. It does mean I haven't been doing a lot of writing, which I need to be doing. I've got two Big Bangs left, and two 1k word stories all due sometime towards the end of Summer. The short stories should be easy, but the longer pieces...oh my. We'll see how they go. Overall, I was hoping I'd get some feedback on my Alice story for au_bigbang and that would get me some motivation. But I've been informed that it might be a little slow, and a little TOO dark for readers. *shrugs* It's getting hits, just no comments. Guess that just means I need to be on my game a little more for the others.


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Jun. 30th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
I've got two Big Bangs left, and two 1k word stories all due sometime towards the end of Summer. The short stories should be easy, but the longer pieces...oh my.

For what it's worth, I had to drop out of historybigbang because the story just wasn't clicking at all, so I do feel your pain there.

Ah, the joys of tiny fandoms...
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