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Twitterings & the 360

  • 11:36 To whoever just tried to call me: if a real number doesn't come up, I'm not answering. #
  • 12:28 Boo. Gamestop had no slims left. They got 6, and they were gone in 45 minutes. #

Thanks to the magic fortune telling machine in the Twilight Zone


Matt and I are going to trade in our 20g Xbox 360 to get one of the brand new 360 slim machines. They're shiny and black and quiet and have 250g of space - which will be very nice. Unfortunately, when we showed up about an hour an a half after the store opened on Friday, during our lunch break, they were already out of the 6 or so they had. Apparently, they had people camping outside the store overnight waiting for them. *sigh* So, we put the $50 pre-order money down to hold one as soon as it comes in. They're not expecting to get many in the next bunch, so I'm not sure how early will get one this week. But, it should at least be this week.