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I've got a bunch of links to throw around. Meanwhile I'm going to drown myself in work so I stop getting so pissed about all the 3D shit coming out at E3. I'm so tired of 3D. If I can't watch a 3D movie, chances are there's no way in hell I can play a game in 3D. I'd rather enjoy my games instead of forcing myself to get through the nausea and headaches to play them - wheres the fun in that? I mean, right now, I have a hard enough time playing some regular games, I can't even imagine how sick it would make me to play them in 3D. It's a bullshit entertainment gimmick, and I'm tired of it. 3D has given people an excuse to make lackluster movies and games for the excuse of cool 3D stunts, and I'm really tired of it. Just give me a good game - no gimmicks. (I feel similarly about motion controlled games - Wii-based or those coming for MS or PS. Now, Nintendo has been able to pull out some decent games - BUT they're almost all just as good being played via controller as they are with the Wiimote. So cut it out guys!) Obvs. I'm not bitter.

Okay Links:
Writing contest from the Florida Romance Writers - doesn't look like it needs to be Romance related though. Only that the writer can't have been contracted for a book before.

On Writing from Joe Haldeman, author of The Forever War which I loved. It's a short post, but it talks about the stubbornness of becoming a writer.

A post from Jay Lake, author of Mainspring (among others) about the mental state of kindness and what it takes to be kind. This is especially important to me, not because I've gone through the same thing he has, but because I've found myself making this sort of mental switch. It takes a hell of a lot of energy to be angry, but being kind sort of feels like a recharge of sorts. When I got the EBV diagnosis, what in 2003? now, I sort of started noticing this mental shift. It's not to say I'm not bitchy when the occasion hits, it's ingrained into my personality. But, I don't drive like I used to, or respond to bad drivers like I used to. And I try to be as nice as possible to wait staff and servers or drive-thru order takers, receptionists, ect. I know I have it pretty good (even when I complain) and I've done those jobs. I also know that with my current health as it is - there's NO WAY I could do those jobs today. Couldn't do it. So, I'm appreciative of those that do.

I'm not saying it to brag on myself, but instead to point out that it's also not an entirely selfless mentality. Overtime, I think I started to develop a different way of thinking, because I realized it was better for me. Getting angry (whether appropriate or not) takes up a lot more energy than a moment of kindness. And for me, that sort of energy is in short supply most days, so I'd rather save what I can.

A Doctor Who related link about Christopher Eccleston's departure after one season. It's interesting to read, and I can't help but wonder if we won't hear the same thing from David in a few years. I mean, we know he loved playing the doctor, but we don't know what the RTD era was like behind the scenes.

Other TV, this one a sad one. AJ Cook's contract for Criminal Minds (JJ) is not being renewed for next year. She is not my favorite character, but I'm sad to see her go. In the past two seasons they've really sort of made her a stronger character and I'm always interested in good character development. What makes me even sadder is that they're reducing the number of Paget Brewster's (Prentiss) episodes. I do like her, and hope she sticks around. If they were concerned about budget, they should've shut down the spin-off. Because that shit isn't going to be good.


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Jun. 16th, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)
How can they not renew JJ's contract? She's the one who shows the team all the cases.. Odd the show won't be as humbling without her, and I miss when Elle was on the episodes more but Prentiss is ok... That really sucks about the cuts.
Jun. 16th, 2010 12:32 am (UTC)
The new Zelda game leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, I dig the cell shading but really loved the look of Twilight Princess, so apparently we should mix the two!. Nintendo FAIL.
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