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Alice's work is never done

I'm working on the final transition issues for my au_bigbang story. I'm not posting it for another week and a half or something, but I need to make sure they know there's a final draft ready. Hopefully I can get it cleaned-up and sent over tonight and have one less writing project checked off my list. I'm not incredibly happy with the story overall - it's got some issues, and I'm trying to iron out the kinks, but it probably needs a major rewrite. One of the hardest things for me to judge is the point of view for some stories. With this for instance, I'm so used to Alice being third person, that I automatically started the story that way. Now that it's almost finished I really wish I'd done it in first person. It might not have had the same "Alice" feel that this version does, but I think some of my story points might've come across stronger in first person. Oh well.

Once Alice here is finished up though, I've got two more Big Bangs I need to get off my ass and work on. Especially the scifibigbang since that's a hell of a lot of words (25k) when added to the originalbigbang at 10k to write over the summer. Plus, femgenficathon (1000 words, totally doable, but I haven't started) and thisengland which is also only 1000 words, but I probably didn't need to sign up for it. 0.o

Thank goodness for kaz_mahoney's writing summer camp, which will hopefully keep me motivated to get these things done. Today's the last day to sign up for it BTW so if you, like me, need a little help - go over and sign up. (The first check-in is tomorrow.) Obviously, I also somehow need help not adding to my own writing work, since I added the thisengland story after signing up for KSC. ha!

The good news is, I have pretty much finished (all but the artwork) one of my fanmixes for the Holmes Big Bang. At the rate it's going, I may not get the second story at all, so there might not be a second mix to do. Which is sad, because the story idea excited me, but okay because really, I've got enough on my plate.


I have a secret goal (not so secret now since I'm going to tell you what it is) of speaking at Big Omaha next year. I want to talk about Balance. Obviously, I'm not always perfect at this, since I do occasionally suffer from bouts of 'OMG How Am I Going To Get All Of This Done?!' but I think I'm pretty good at it most days. One of the only things I get from my Virgo nature. And it's a question that ALWAYS comes up from women at conventions. It's not just about work-life balance because Big Omaha is a convention about entrepreneurship, and since most people trying to break in to new business are also holding down a regular day job. Most of the times I've heard this question asked, and answers are always bullshit non-responses. I want to fix that. Much like I also want to fix the 'women and games' panels at most gaming conventions. Needs to happen.


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Jun. 8th, 2010 01:57 am (UTC)
I signed up for KSC. We'll see if I can stick to it. I'm getting kinda bummed that all I'm doing lately is beta work or getting back into reviews (which I'm not entirely stoked about at this point). I'd really like to kind a good balance between working on getting a good comic book style down for my art and getting my stories written down so I can start putting the two together.

Hopefully, this will help. Thanks for the head's up! :)
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