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  • 10:53 Just took my 149th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/15390 #
  • 12:35 @gamingangel It depends on what's coming with it. Natal by itself,probably not worth it; bundle it with something interesting though... #
  • 16:09 @renochan Hootsuite.com. Awesomesauce for multiple twitter accounts. #
  • 16:15 RT @GamingAngels: New @GamingAngels: Casual Games Boost the Brain bit.ly/ddtb8o #
  • 16:15 @renochan Hootsuite is webbased, which is why I love it so much. I got tired of the tweetdeck resource hog. #
  • 16:16 @to_paraphrase That's awesome! #

Thanks to the magic fortune telling machine in the Twilight Zone.