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So, Big Omaha has been great and all...

But I don't think I should've been let out of the house. I forgot a crapload of stuff, and if this trip had been longer than a day and a half, I would've been screwed. I almost lost my hotel room key, and my debit card, not at the same time. I did lose my parking ticket so I had to pay for last night's parking. And the stupidest thing was that I took the wrong highway out of KC, which meant almost 2 extra hours to my trip. :( My own fault, but man, when I realized it...*sigh* Last night was a LONG night. I was super dead when I woke up this morning, which is why I've been misplacing things left and right.

Tonight, I'm in the room, because I couldn't really stand anymore...literally stand, my back has been hurting again - probably from being in the car for 5 hours yesterday. So instead of partying I came back here to hang out online, write a little and maybe get some work done. Except for their doing construction. At 7:30 they started in with the jackhammering down in the parking lot under my hotel room window.

The thing is, Big Omaha is still worth the trouble. It's a great conference, with amazing speakers, some of which will change the way you look at just about everything in your life. No, really.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's half-day of more speakers, for sure. I'm just hoping the trip home is better.