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Appropriate Icon is Appropriate

As part of yesterday's writer's block thing, I had a thought about musical fanfiction. Not musical like Broadway, but musical as in fanfiction put to music - or the idea of songs/albums based on something someone else created - like "Fett's Vet" by MC Chris. I haven't seen a list elsewhere, so if you think of something, head over and leave a comment and I'll add it in.

Speaking of music, I spent last weekend putting the final touches on the au_bigbang fanmix I still had to do. And, I have to say it's probably my favorite mix to date. I've actually listened to the whole thing beginning to end probably 30+ times - and it's a long one. The actual mix is 18 songs, and then because there were 4 songs I just didn't have to cut, I left them in as a bonus, so there's actually 22 songs. Granted, some of them are less than 2 minutes, but it's about 90 minutes of good music. I'm proud of it, and I'm looking forward to sharing it. I think our posting date is Monday - so keep an eye out.

Tonight, after work and some bellydance practice (I've got another performance the weekend of the 22nd), I'm headed to Omaha. I'll be in Omaha Friday and Saturday for BIG OMAHA, a social media convention. I went last year, and was super impressed with the speakers, so I'm looking forward to this year's. I'll have some coverage up on GamingAngels Friday night and Sunday.