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  • 00:52 Emails answered. Now, it's late and time for bed. More work to do in the morning. #
  • 01:29 @CandiceHatesYou You must be drunk on shampoo. :) #
  • 01:30 Now I'm going to bed. Seriously. Promise. Hopefully the storms they're promising for tomorrow never appear. #
  • 08:03 @simonkuo It was one of those 'I'll just do this one more thing' sort of night. Next thing I knew it was far too late. #
  • 09:50 Morning is much better than I expected it to be. #
  • 10:10 RT @GamingAngels: the abiltiy to create patterns in-game coming to The Sims 3 bit.ly/cZ2Mby #
Thanks to the magic fortune telling machine in the Twilight Zone.