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It's been such a long time, only not.

I'm pretty sure that I've got another sinus infection - or maybe it's just the same sinus infection I had last month. Who knows. What I do know is that Wednesday I felt like crap - but a crap I couldn't define: just tired and cranky and generally ugh feeling. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and felt like I had to sneeze (even right after sneezing) all day, which I attributed to the crappy allergy season we're currently having. By the time we got home from work last night I was pretty congested and unhappy. Ended up taking NyQuil just so I could go to sleep.

Woke up this morning much more congested - not even the drugs are helping. So I'm pretty sure it's a sinus infection, which means I probably should've stayed home and gotten myself a doctor's appointment. But, since it's Friday, and I can sleep all weekend if I need to, I'm currently at work, slogging through my day.

I also managed to hurt my lower back last night - don't know how, so sitting at work is slightly uncomfortable. I opted for a bagel and cheez-its for lunch because they were nearby and I'm pretty sure the walk to the cafeteria would be too painful. I wish I'd thought to grab some lunch from home. I know it's not a healthy lunch, but at least it's not the donut I was going to have before I found the bagels.


I was going to write the other day about how much my left ear was hurting, but that's not really true anymore. A few weeks ago, I started stretching the first piercing in my ear (I have 3) so that I could wear some bigger jewelry. I don't want to get the hole too big, but I do want to get to a place where I can wear some pretty stone/steel/wood plugs in them. It's gotten to the point where I almost never wear jewelry in my ears, and when I do, they tend to hurt after a few hours. There's nothing wrong with them, they're just annoyingly sensitive to different kinds of earrings. Anyhow, I borrowed some tapers from duendegrrl and stretched from an 18 to a 14 a few weeks ago. She had some cool spirals that could've stretched me to a 12, but either my piercing is too far from the edge of my ear, or my ear lobes are too fat - either way I couldn't wear them. So, I had to wait a little longer so I could use the next straight taper to get to 12.

Sunday, after my shower, I started with the 14-12 taper. It took about an hour to get the taper all the way through so I could put the size 12 steel plugs in my left ear. Then, when I put the taper in the right ear, it was pretty much automatic. It was weird, but by the time I walked from the bathroom to the living room the taper was pretty much all the way through, so I went ahead and switched to the plug. I don't know what happened, either the right ear was stretchier or the piercing was already larger, but it didn't hurt at all.

The left ear was sore all day, and for several days after, but today it doesn't really hurt at all. That's a pretty quick improvement. And since I can stay here for a while since I have the plugs and o-rings in, they've got plenty of time to relax before I'm ready to stretch again. I've done some looking on BodyArtForms for a 12-10 taper, which is what I need next - although I'd really like to try and get some spirals, because I like the way they look. It'll be several weeks though before I'm ready to stretch again though.

About the time I'm ready to go to a 10 ( I want to get both steel and stone plugs), I'll want to stay there a while, I'll also be able to switch out the bar in my eyebrow piercing for something smaller. I'm happy with the bar I have now (instead of a ring) but I'd much rather have something just a tiny bit smaller. I don't like the balls on the bar, they're a little too pronounced for my liking, and I already have the bar I'll be replacing this one with.