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Okay, so this weekend is Warrior Weekend. I'll be the emcee for the event, and I'll also be performing in the show. If you are near the KC area, you should come see the show, because it's going to be AMAZING!

ALSO - TONIGHT! I'm hoping to get my eyebrow pierced by duendegrrl's good friend Danielle who is coming up for the weekend. I'm very excited about this, I can't even tell you. I've been told that while I'll have to keep the stage makeup away from it, it shouldn't be too bad/noticeable for the show, so that's pretty cool. (Although I still have some doubts about that.) Anyone have an eyebrow piercing that can tell me how bad it'll be the next day?

Details about the show for Saturday are on the Facebook page or at warriorweekend.eventbrite.com just look for the Show - and ignore the rest. (Unless you want to take really awesome bellydance classes from Amy Sigil of Unmata, which everyone should. Seriously.)

I have learned my lesson from last year's Bellydancer's Ball, and am not loading up classes though I would like to. I know I'm going to be tired - especially on Sunday - and won't be able to stand up to all the abuse. But, I'll still be there, hanging out.

If you want to come and have questions about anything, let me know. I'm pretty excited (obvs.) and have been pimping the event out to everyone, even at work. The more people, the merrier. And the better the events are going to get!


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Apr. 16th, 2010 07:36 pm (UTC)
Not much to say other than that I am looking forward to Saturdays' show!
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