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So I have this project at work to match the addresses between to systems. Only one of the systems doesn't have city/state information to go with the addresses. Each system has about 40k sites to be reconciled. Previously, after I discovered only 100 sites matched completely, I started going through the sites one by one looking for matches.

That was going to take FOREVER! Luckily, Matthew was able to provide me with an Access query, since he was working on something similar, that would help speed up the process. Or at least make the process less manual. So now, I've got it all set up in a database, where I'm comparing the top 100 sites from one system to 1000 records at a time to the second system. It's VERY slow going, because my 5 year old work laptop doesn't quite have the horsepower for this. So each query takes about 5-10 minutes.

I've typed out most of this entry during one run of the query. Yesterday, I was able to finish up crocheting a granny square that was knocking around in my purse. But since I was runny late this morning, and forgot to grab anything, including my cold medicine, I've got nothing much I can do today.

I do have a book, but it's harder to read and do this, since I will sometimes miss when the report stops running. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better today, so I'm not also completely miserable while being bored out of my skull.

It's definitely not glamorous. To make up for how boring I am today, later I'm going to try and post picture of me and _inneruniverse with Carlos Ferro, better known as Dom from the Gears of War games.

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