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  • 00:30 I unlocked 2 Xbox achievements on Dragon Age: Origins! raptr.com/Cherith #
  • 07:11 Started reading 'Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom' on @DailyLit dailylit.com/a/MTMyMzU #
  • 07:11 Just finished 'Through the Looking-Glass' on @DailyLit dailylit.com/a/MTMyMzY #
  • 12:55 Went to get my wallet out for lunch money and realized that my wallet is not in my bag, as it should be. Not good. #
  • 13:22 played Dragon Age: Origins (2ach, +60gs) yesterday gamerdna.com/r/55j1 #
Thanks to the magic fortune telling machine in the Twilight Zone.