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Another Re-Cap (Days #200 - #204)

OMG! 200 Days already? Doesn't seem that bad when I think about it. Although, I know I've been having to do longer recap posts - or going back to edit in days after the fact. But I'm keeping track of everyday one way or another, and that's pretty big for me. Plus it's interesting to see how different things make an impact on everyday life. Really I am doing at least one different thing everyday, which is pretty cool.

Matt ran out while I was gone on Monday night, and bought himself a few games with his Christmas GameStop card. When I got home, he made me play a few minutes of Raiden IV, which is based on an arcade game, that looks like a more modern version of Galaga, and some game I used to play when I was younger that I CANNOT remember the name of for the life of me. It's quick and fun, but not something I can play long term.

Tuesday, I finally managed to get caught up with the new season of 30 Rock by tracking down the first few episodes, and then watching the last few on Hulu. I'm all caught up, so I'm anxious for the show to return after the Olympics (which I'm not watching yet again).

Wednesday, _inneruniverse and I had a nice fight over the Starcraft II beta code that Trina had managed to get her hands on. I won, but I didn't get to play right away. It's nice that I can negotiate with other games. Although, I'm also thinking about sending her my log-in so she can play too. Thursday evening I actually finished the install, and logged in to play a little bit. Unfortunately, you can only play multi-player (and not with the AI either) in the beta which makes me sad. There's lots of bad matching, and people just shirking the normal play style to win quickly. Still - I'm looking forward to the full game.

Today, the Census guy showed up to drop off the forms. Almost killed himself on the ice by our front door too. This is definitely a first ever - I've never been old enough, or had my own place during a Census before, so this is the first time filling out my own forms. They're far simpler than I'd imagined.