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Random Catch-up (Days #181 - #186)

A quick catch-up post for my 365 Day challenge for posterity, in mostly bullet fashion.

3rd - Got to spend some more time with Matt & Rachel before they leave town.  We had a nice time, played some Carcassone, which I think they both enjoyed, especially since Matt won.  It's nice hanging out with them, and seeing my niece and nephew for a few hours.  I'll be sad to see them go.

4th - Joined the Formspring bandwagon, and have gotten a few questions.

5th - Got to try out Matt's Christmas present from Anjie & Jim: Aye, Dark Overlord - the card game.  We bought the board game at GenCon last year, and it's kind of cute, so we thought we'd enjoy the card game too.  It's very different from the board game, and plays far more like Once Upon a Time (which we also got at GenCon last year) where the point is to tell a good story.  Only there aren't as many story points to keep you going.

6th - Went out to Mom's in order to see Matt and Rachel one last time before they leave.  Matt played Settlers of Catan with them after dinner (both of my brothers are huge Settlers fans now).  I wanted to play, but Matt & Rachel had some other friends over, so there was already a big game.  Instead, I watched some Lifetime or Hallmark movie with my mother about a man with Turrets that wants to become a teacher.  (Interesting subject - boring movie.)

7th - Did nothing, which in itself is new for me, since typically even on my off days, I've got some projects going.  Mostly laid around the house, and was as lazy as possible.  It was awesome.

8th - Had to futz with the RSS all over again.  I don't know why this is so difficult, but I think I got it working - at least it's pulling podcast posts to GA which is what I really need it to do.