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  • 12:51 RT @kweenie: Portal 2 Official Announcement. Also, Valve is clearly still playing games with us. bt.io/Ec09 #girlgamer #portal2 #
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  • 13:19 played Prince of Persia yesterday gamerdna.com/r/4VNs #
Thanks to the magic fortune telling machine in the Twilight Zone.


Tonight was our regular Friday night game with the AnJim. Now, I've been running this mish-mash White Wolf adventure for them for something going on four years I think? We don't play consistently, sometimes when we get together on Friday's we just board game for a few weeks. But we've been back into the swing of the game, and I've time-travelled their little group back to the year 1232. And somehow, most of their cool high-tech or magic-y stuff disappeared when they did so. (I blame Cthulhu, will find out who they blame later.) This is not the first time they've had some problems with a linear time stream.

Anyhow, they're back in time, and my poor Sidereal Exalted is going a little crazy because she can't find a portal home, and everywhere they look are poor French people and they only speak a small bit of crazy modern French from hanging out in Canada. And then, when they think they're on the right track they run into a ghost in a graveyard that's all sorts of batshit. The ghost talks to them in a conversation loop - but it seems to break when they mention certain things. Eventually they figure out a certain conversation topic where it seems like the ghost might actually be helpful. The problem is, once they figure it out the ghost stops talking.

So, I ran almost an entire evenings worth of a story in charades. It was pretty basic charades too - head shaking, hand gestures, pointing - trying to draw in the ground - that sort of thing. My players seemed to get into it, but effulgent_inara's Exalted got a taste of what the ghost really was and it broke her a little bit. Especially since she can't go home to look at the Loom of Fate and figure out what the hell is going on.

Overall though I think it was pretty successful as an evening's attempt, and I think it finally gave effulgent_inara the push she needed to create a Tumblr for a comic based on their character's crazy adventures. It's called "All Our Yestertomorrows" and hopefully she'll get it started soon. Her notes on our games are VERY thorough - especially when you consider that I very rarely actually have notes for our games, with the exception of bad guys that need stats.