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So, the scifibigbang is actually a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Big Bang. Umm. 25k by the end of July? I might be able to make that work. I need deadlines to write with - and though I might be behind in the au_bigbang currently, I've made significant process lately, and think I could do it. I'd just need you know...a topic to write on. Do you think Fairy Tales count? Sign-ups end on the 31st, so I've got some time to waffle on this a bit more.

Speaking of writing, I've started using this site 750 words to work on some of my writing. It's private, (and I've double locked mine - I like that ability) but it not only keeps track of the words, but does an analysis of your writing when your done to give you the main themes you're writing about. When writing Alice fiction - my theme is obviously home. But, one of these days, I'm going to do some better free-writing and see what comes up. It's definitely worth checking out.


Matt pointed me to this article today about this crazed group of Christians down in Amarillo, TX calling themselves soldiers for God. What's more interesting to read is this article from the Texas Observer about the things the group is doing. I don't suggest going to the group's website, it gives a malware warning. But, this is the sort of thing I was talking about the other day. There are people out there that are determined they need to fight 'sinners'. It's just - grrr - frustrating. And there is no reasoning with them. Reading the comments on the Science blog, it also seems that there's some controversy over whether or not this group is actually associated with the known terrorist organization "Army of God".


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Mar. 4th, 2010 07:46 pm (UTC)
That scifi bigbang sounds interesting (it mentions LotR in the about, so I don't see why a fairy tale wouldn't work-it's fantasy). So does that 750 words site. Signed up to be notified when/if she's letting newbies join. You find all the fun sites! :)
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