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A Random Thank-You (Days #194 -#196)

So, I have a random thank-you to say to whatever kind person rescued my mostly finished beginner's crochet project from the parking lot at work. Last night, after Level III, I went to grab the rest of the crochet stuff from my bag so I could work on it, and it wasn't there. I realized I must have lost it some place between my cube at the office, and my car, and figured it was probably gone for good.

This morning, my project was sitting on the little wall next to the steps up to the building. It was clean and didn't look like it had any damage, other than being a little wet. So, it must've fallen out of my bag on the steps and some nice person came along and picked it up. I was pretty sad about losing it, and finding it unharmed was a good way to start the morning.

My finger is healing pretty nicely. The swelling went down pretty much immediately, and now it just looks bad, but doesn't feel bad. There's a few little spots on it that if I hit or squeeze are sore, but mostly the bruises look worse than they feel. It mostly looks like I haven't washed my finger because it's all purple and greyish-blue. There's one little scratch that's sore, but it's healing up too.

Tuesday, Matt and I went and got our fingerprints done for the Foster Care paperwork. It was a little awkward making sure the cop didn't grab that finger when he was inking and printing my right hand. But thankfully, he didn't ask, so I didn't have to tell the awkward story about my unruly dogs.

Also, Tuesday evening I learned there was a second complaint about January's Beginners Knitting class I taught. I'm not sure what went so wrong with that group of beginners, but Karen's planning a short teacher evaluation for this round of students I'm currently teaching. I'll pass them out after class tonight, and we'll hopefully know in a week or so if there's an issue with me or the class or if it was just a fluke. We're both pretty sure it was just a fluke, but I admit it'll be nice to know for sure, and to see what students have to say. The current class was pretty positive last week when they were leaving class, so I'm hoping they keep that attitude tonight.

Sometime last week, I signed myself up for the DA:O ficathon that runs through the end of March. It's a 1000-1500 word limit, so I think I can manage. I got my assignment last night, which seems interesting, but I'm going to have to dwell on it a little while. I may need to do a little more reading up on characters on too before I get started.


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Feb. 18th, 2010 08:27 pm (UTC)
Where's this DA:O ficathon? I might have to check it out if I'm eligible. :)
Feb. 18th, 2010 08:33 pm (UTC)
Sign-ups are over already I think - but you might be able to email her to see if there's people without a match? baroque_tragedy I think.
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