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  • 23:00 It's hard to call something a debate when you're making blanket statements about people you know nothing about. #unfollow #
  • 12:02 Ask me anything formspring.me/Cherithe #
  • 13:21 RT @GamingAngels: Women Social Gamers are on the rise - but they don't want to be called 'gamers' ow.ly/16AhHX #
  • 13:55 RT @GamingAngels: The Southwest vs Kevin Smith debate - ow.ly/16AhHW #
  • 13:56 RT @pasadawna: Win a copy of Plants vs Zombies for your iPhone at GamingAngels.com! ow.ly/16AhHY Brains! #
  • 13:58 Q:WHAT, is the airspeed velocity of an unladen Swallow?... A:African or European? formspring.me/Cherithe/q/174266030 #
  • 13:59 Q:What is your Name? A:Arthur, King of the Britons formspring.me/Cherithe/q/174270849 #
  • 13:59 Q:What is your Quest? A:To seek the holy grail (of course) formspring.me/Cherithe/q/174271929 #
  • 13:59 It's like you don't know me at all. :) #
  • 14:11 RT @gamingangel: Great interview with Steve Masters from Splinter Cell: Conviction at X10! Listen in @GamingAngels! bt.io/EV9h #
  • 16:17 Q:Every committed any gaming sins? Cheating o... A:I don't think so. I'm pretty clean and bor... formspring.me/Cherithe/q/174961602 #
  • 16:18 Q:What's the opposite of a Gaming Angel? A:Good question. When GamerVixens was open, I'd say t... formspring.me/Cherithe/q/174966819 #
  • 18:01 So, bit of an accident tonight means I can't use this hand much. Finger ouchie: ow.ly/i/vHo #
Thanks to the magic fortune telling machine in the Twilight Zone.