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All Lies.

and now begins the blatant lies. like how i managed to cause my supervisor to get overtime last week, even though i worked day shifts. oh, and how this large job that we shouldn't have taken, that matt took is all my fault. and oooh, i used up all the threehole paper for that job. yeah. so the manager calls the supervisor into his office and gives her the new counseling policies sheet so she can properly tell me how to do my job. cause i probably forgot since our stupid meeting last week in which i was dubbed like worst employee ever. you think i'm exaggerating...i'm not. i hate retail.
i hate it so much, i finally have broken down and am actually hoping that mom manages to get me a job at Cerner. never a good sign.

my foot isn't healing right either. it's almost bruised looking, and the slices aren't even starting to heal because i've been walking on it. it's a good thing it doesn't matter if my foot has scars, because it's gonna for sure, since i couldn't get stitches for it.

i've also realized i've become a broken record when it comes to my brother matt. i tell my mom to get him tested. she denies he's doing anything. then he starts acting weird again, staying out late, not going to school. she wonders what the deal is with him. she asks me, i tell her to get him tested. repeat process. it's annoying. blah.

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