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Twitterings & Day #179

  • 09:29 @jeffisageek I like Dr. Siefkes in Overland Park - 119th and Grant #
  • 11:36 RT @GamingAngels: We've launched our new network & we are pleased to announce The Married Gamers as our first partners! bit.ly/9hrG3h #
  • 11:43 @yuki_hime There are three married girls on staff! #
  • 13:53 RT @yuki_hime: Looking for help approving 2 submissions to N4G: bit.ly/aQkg35 and bit.ly/btbrwy Thanks in advance! =) #
  • 16:43 RT @GamingAngels: GamingAngels won a Golden Retrevo Award in the Gaming category! bit.ly/9TSWzO Thanks for your support! #
Thanks to the magic fortune telling machine in the Twilight Zone.


GamingAngels.com announced the launching of our GA Presents Network. Upon launch we're starting with The Married Gamers site (http://www.themarriedgamers.net) a great podcast of a husband/wife couple that talks about all the games they play - together and separate. We're hoping to add more sites to this network soon - we've already got two lined up, but we're not announcing them just yet. :)

This was the coding work I had over the weekend, I was trying to make it so that we could show TMG's most recent podcast post on our main page. Today, my hard work paid off, and the widget I built is up and working beautifully.