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They've revealed the Yuletide Madness stories. I wrote one, which I'll let you about later, but I also got one. Yet another Little Red story, but this one, though short, is amazingly dark and works in Snow White. Bedtime Story at the Archive if you want to read it.

If you're not in the Midwest, you probably don't know that we got hit pretty hard this holiday with the snow. Thursday it started snowing and only really stopped last night for good. We braved the storm after our family Christmas Eve family thing got cancelled and spent a nice evening with kakita_shisumo and duendegrrl. They put up their tree, and we sang carols, and it was a nice Christmas Eve.

I also wrote my Yuletide Madness story late Christmas Eve. I think I managed to get it turned in about a half-hour before the deadline (midnight).

Christmas Day with Matt's parents was also cancelled. We spent the day burrowed in our house, and had kakita_shisumo and duendegrrl, and their doggies over for the night. We rented Star Trek (the new movie, which I hadn't seen yet) and had a nice snowed in evening. I really enjoyed the movie, even Quinto's super waxy, shiny Spock.

Yesterday we did manage to get out and visit my Mom's for a family Christmas. My step-sister's little girl, Ella is a year old now and it's amazing the difference between her, and my brother's little boy Judah who's about 15 months. Ella is far more advanced a walker, and talker. We had a nice Christmas over there, Matt walked away with a cool bag: the Bag of Holding from Think Geek, which he was super excited about. And mom got me the first season of Big Love, Leonard Cohen's latest book of Poetry, "The Book of Longing" and The Guild's Season 1 & 2 DVD.