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First of all, Merry Christmas/Happy Yule/whatevs. Enjoy your holiday whatever it might be. I've got some some snow and stuff to share tomorrow, but for now, just you know Happy whatever.

Today Yuletide stories went live. I wrote a small Yuletide Madness story, and loaded it to the archive about 20 minutes before cut-off. Bringing my count of Yuletide stories to 3. Two full 1000+stories and one small 400 something word story. I've very excited. And I cannot even tell you how happy it made me to find not one, but two Yuletide stories waiting for me when things went live. And both of them were Little Red Riding Hood stories. (Yes, I requested Little Red Riding Hood fiction. Don't judge me.)

If you want to check them out (although the servers on the archive might still be slow) you can do so here: The Path of Thorns and Ever the Right to Spring. Seriously, check them out. Although I'll warn you that their both a little graphic/violent. (But it wouldn't be Little Red Riding Hood if they weren't.)

If you're one of the authors that wrote for me: I cannot say thank you enough. I'm very happy with both my stories, they made wonderful early Christmas presents. :)

Two small challenge day recaps:
Tuesday - Admitted my love for a really stupid commercial. It's the one for the LG phone and projector where the woman says at the end, "the man said ta-da". I don't know why, but it makes me giggle every time, even when I know it's coming. It's like the "it goes ding when there's stuff" Doctor Who quote. I can never get enough of it.
Wednesday - I stayed up super late to work on a pinch hit story. If you saw my tweets from last night, you'll know that I was working on probably the weirdest thing I've ever written in my life. But it was awesome, and I hope my Yuletide recipient likes it.


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Dec. 26th, 2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
Wow. Those were both very, very good! I wish I could get into writing for fun again (Nano was a big disappointment for me this year). Will your stories be available to read for people not in that group?
Dec. 27th, 2009 12:58 am (UTC)
Yup, authors aren't revealed until after the New Year, so you'll have to wait a bit, since I can't say what I wrote yet.

After the New Year, they open the list for anyone that wants to write one of the prompts as a New Year's Resolution (it's open until November). But it's worth a look if you want to think about it.
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