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Days #97 - #108

Quick recap because I'm too far behind on these. Nothing all that exciting has happened, except for getting the new wood floors in our back room (the former 'dog' room).
  • Saturday - Got my Yuletide assignment. Excited, but worried I can't do the idea justice. I'll probably end up playing around with some very basic/very short stories to see what I can come up with.
  • Sunday - Blew off Nano writing in favor of a brigits_flame story that demanded it be written.
  • Monday - Stayed home for new floors, except they didn't come. Good thing too we had bad sleeting weather. One of my coworkers actually ended up in the hospital due to the crazy morning roads.
  • Tuesday - Felt awful, blew off Top Chirp to have a nice dinner with Matthew.
  • Wednesday - Brand New Wood Floors & First Level III bellydance class, complete with Christmas Choreo from a guest teacher. Managed to pull a stomach muscle - really not pleasant.
  • Thursday - Met with our official Foster worker for the first time. She's nice, she was one of our teachers, and she didn't blink twice at the two huge dogs wanting to meet her. Also, stayed home because my stomach hurt - ended up going out to get my hair colored in the afternoon when I couldn't stand being at home anymore.
  • Friday - ShaunCon
  • Saturday - Dog Park & Late Night Shaun Con / Late Night IHOP
  • Sunday - All day ShaunCon
  • Monday - Drew a really nice note of appreciation for our servers at Panera since they're so nice to us every Monday night. Small class for Level I, just me and Mindy.
  • Tuesday - Small Top Chirp meeting, made decision to start Database team.
  • Wednesday - First real Level III class with an actual teacher.